September 05, 2012

AUSTRALIA: Marine Reserves input opportunity

 The Commonwealth Government has proposed a series of Marine reserves around Australia.

For those of you who may wish to provide feedback on the proposed Commonwealth Marine Reserves plan,the deadline is Monday September 10th. 
Further information, including instructions on how you can have your say on the proposed new Commonwealth marine reserves is available on the department’s website (  


The latest version of this proposal is open for public comment and closes on Monday 10th September, 2012.
In general, for most areas the marine reserves proposal in its current form will provide little or no additional protection to marine life and environments than what already exists.
Many proposed reserves are in offshore waters well beyond the continental shelf.  
Commonwealth waters begin 3 nautical miles out to sea, therefore there is no protection of coastal waters.
On the South coast of WA, aside from a few very limited reserves, the entire area extending from coastal waters to approx. 200km offshore, has been completely omitted from the marine reserves proposal.
This area includes the Albany Canyons region along the edge of the Continental Shelf, which is increasingly recognised to be highly significant to a large range of marine life.

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Little Blue penguin (Hiltrum Ratz)